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ReadEase Book Lamp

ReadEase Book Lamp

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Meet our ReadEase lamp, the Book Reading Lamp! It's like your buddy when you're reading.

Just clip it to your book and easily flip pages. Enjoy your ME time!


  • Adjust Brightness: You can change how bright the light is, so it's just right for your eyes. No more squinting!
  • 3 Colour Modes: This lamp has different light colors. One makes your eyes feel nice, one makes the room cozy, and one helps you see details.
  • USB Charging: It doesn't need batteries all the time. You can charge it, and it lasts a long time on one charge.
  • Flexible & Portable: You can move it around and adjust it to shine on your book, just the way you like. It's super light and easy to carry.



    • Product Dimensions: 4.32"D x 1.8"W x 0.3"H
    • Special Features: Portable, Adjustable Colour Temperature, Lightweight, Rechargeable
    • Light Source Type: ‎LED
    • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered

    This lamp will save your eyes and make your reading better. Get one for yourself and have a bright reading adventure!

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